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The Top 5 Reasons Why Your AC Might Need Repair

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your AC Might Need Repair - HVAC technician reparing an HVAC unit.

When living in an area where air conditioning is necessary, you want it to be reliable and run smoothly without hiccups. But let’s face it, things can go wrong, and your AC might need repairs. In times like these, you’ll be glad that Free Air has your back whenever you need us.

Now, you might think replacing your air conditioner is the smartest move from a financial standpoint, but think again. Opting for a repair can often be the better choice. So, here are the top 5 reasons why your AC might need repairs.

1. The AC Is On Its Last Leg

Similar to all other mechanical things, repairing your air conditioner will help enhance its lifespan. This is especially necessary when your AC unit is close to ten years or older. Plus, the air conditioner is only designed to last for so long before needing to be replaced, so repairing or replacing parts that wear out the fastest will help it last longer, and when your AC lasts longer, your home can stay cooler. You also won’t have to worry about replacing the entire AC unit.

2. The AC Does Not Provide Adequate Efficiency

One of the most common reasons your AC might need repair is when it fails to provide the desired efficiency level. You may notice that the cooling performance has decreased over time, or it takes longer for the room to reach the desired temperature. This inefficiency can be attributed to various system issues requiring attention.

Addressing these efficiency-related issues through timely repairs can significantly improve the performance of your AC. Not only will it save you from discomfort during hot days, but it will also help lower your energy bills and reduce environmental impact.

3. Your Air Quality Is Poor

Another reason your AC might need repair is to improve indoor air quality. Depending on what the repair is will determine how the air quality in your home will improve once your air conditioner gets repaired. This is because when the air conditioner gets repaired, it eliminates any problems that caused the poor air quality. For example, when the ducting is repaired, the fresh air is circulated throughout the space. This improved air circulation ultimately leads to enhanced air quality throughout the home.

By having air conditioning repaired, you can also eliminate contaminants causing poor air quality. This can be as simple as replacing air filters that eliminate pollutants from entering your home, causing havoc on your or your family’s health.

4. Your AC Leaks Refrigerant

Observing a decrease in refrigerant levels in your AC system clearly indicates a potential refrigerant leak. Such leaks not only pose a health hazard to humans and pets but can also impact the overall efficiency of your AC. Identifying and promptly repairing these leaks is crucial to maintaining a safe and comfortable home environment.

One way to identify a refrigerant leak is by its distinct color. If you notice any unusual colored substance near your AC unit, chances are the refrigerant has escaped. It’s important not to ignore this issue, as refrigerant leaks can lead to compromised cooling performance and increased energy consumption.

5. You Feel Uncomfortable In Your Own Home

When your air conditioner requires repairs, your comfort level can plummet. It becomes crucial to address the issues with your AC and restore its proper functioning to regain the comfort you desire.

Apart from the physical discomfort you experience when your AC malfunctions, there is also the added unease of knowing that postponing repairs could lead to increased expenses. Neglecting the necessary repairs might result in spending more in the long run. This realization further emphasizes the importance of timely AC repair.

To ensure your well-being and contentment, it is essential to prioritize AC repairs. You can enjoy the comfort you deserve by promptly addressing any issues and restoring your air conditioning system to optimal performance.

Let Free Air Make Your Necessary Repairs

When you are unsure why your air conditioner may need repair, remember that you have the top 5 reasons why your AC might need repair. Plus, when you get a hold of us, we can go over each of them individually so that you obtain the most benefit.

When you contact Free Air today, you will see how professional and customer-oriented our technicians are. With our extensive experience, we’ll easily keep you and your family comfortable while enjoying your long-lasting air conditioning.

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Dirty air filters can have a significant impact on your wallet. They can reduce your air conditioning unit’s energy efficiency, lead to expensive repairs, shorten the unit’s lifespan, and result in poor indoor air quality. To prevent these issues, it’s important to change your air filter regularly, keep your air conditioning unit clean, and consider upgrading to a higher-quality filter. Doing so lets you enjoy a comfortable home and save money on your energy bills and repairs in the long run.

If you’re concerned about the impact of dirty air filters on your wallet and your home’s comfort, contact Free Air Heating and Air Conditioning today. Our experienced technicians can help you with all your air conditioning needs, including air filter replacements and system maintenance. Don’t let dirty air filters strain your wallet – call us today to schedule an appointment and ensure your air conditioning unit runs efficiently and effectively.

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