Indoor Air Quality, commonly referred to as IAQ, is the quality of air within buildings that directly impacts the confined space occupants. We often make the mistake of thinking of air pollution as something outdoors, but indoor air quality affects an individual’s health just as much; Since many individuals spend most of their time inside their house. 

We at Free Air Heating and Air conditioning Ltd. in Milton, ON, take complete care of your indoor air quality for you. Many known indoor air pollutants can affect your health either on exposure or even years later. There are both immediate and long-term effects of poor IAQ, and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce the risk of your indoor health concerns. A reason why your home might leave you feeling unwell is the low indoor air quality. If this is happening to you, you must get the air investigated for harmful pollutants. 

A significant reason why the indoor air is difficult to escape is that modern homes are being prepared airtight, so if a harmful particle enters your space, it is likely to stay there for an extended time. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is affected by various factors like temperature, humidity, ventilation, chemical or biological components found within your home or office spaces. 

How it works : 

A wide range of harmful particles such as lead, chemicals, fragrances, radon, formaldehyde pollutes the air inside your house. These pollutants can either be present inside the substances we use at home like detergents and cleaners or have many ways of entering the space through new furniture or freshly painted walls. These are commonly called indoor allergens and due to the tight house syndrome because of which the air is sealed tight inside the house and can’t easily escape. Research has also suggested that we are affected by IAQ much more today than we were four decades ago.

At Free Air Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd, we provide comprehensive HVAC solutions to help you with all your indoor air quality needs. We focus not only on enhancing your air conditioning or heating but also on improving the overall indoor air quality of your home, guaranteeing you the best indoor air quality service. This requires the proper installation of systems by professionals and regular maintenance with our reliable and efficient services, ensuring that your HVAC system sends out clean and fresh air.  

Why is Indoor Air Quality important? 

Indoor air quality ( IAQ) is essential as the air we live in and breathe directly affects our overall health. These effects might be either immediate or long-term. Any confined space with low air quality can expose its tenants to harmful particles such as allergens, bacteria, and other microorganisms, leading to side effects to different parts of the body like the eyes, nose, ear, throat, etc. 

It usually comes across as a shock to most people that indoor air is just as polluted as outdoor air, if not more. According to some studies, we spend approximately 80% of our time indoors. Most of the time, we don’t even know that we breathe in toxic air that continuously affects our health and makes us lethargic. Yes, it doesn’t just have an impact on our health, but also our work performance. 

There can be many reasons for a poor IAQ. Some of the most common ones are 

  • smoking inside closed doors where the air gets trapped 
  • poorly maintained HVAC systems 
  • inadequate ventilation
  • airtight systems inside homes, cleaners, gas stoves, wall paint, etc

Even though the intermediate common side effects are minor irritation and fatigue, a poor IAQ can lead to significant health issues like respiratory diseases and cancer, to name a few, which is why maintaining your Indoor Air Quality is so important. We at Free Air help you every step of the way in preserving it for you. 

The Dangers of Indoor Air : 

Research and studies show that unhealthy Indoor Air Quality can lead to various problems for all kinds of populations. The most prone population affected by such pollutants present in the air are children, old-age citizens, minorities, indigenous people, individuals with preexisting respiratory health problems, etc. Indoor allergens have a significant role in triggering asthma attacks. 

Even minimal exposure to these allergens can cause the most common symptoms like frequent headaches, sore eyes, irritation in the ears, burning nose and worsening throat allergy, fatigue, loss of concentration, etc. Such symptoms at an early stage are treatable and sometimes can be as simple as identifying and eliminating the source of irritation. 

Most of these reactions to pollutants vary from person to person depending upon individual sensitivity towards a particular allergen and any predisposing medical conditions that can worsen when exposed to indoor allergens. 

These are just some immediate effects, but when exposed to poor IAQ for a longer duration, the symptoms start deteriorating. They can cause chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases, respiratory problems, asthma, and even death if the carbon monoxide is present in overpowering quantities. These can prove to be very debilitating for your health and fatal at the same time. 

Some primary causes of these indoor air pollutants are radon, environmental tobacco, pesticides, combustive appliances, and asbestos-containing insulation. Free Air Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd provide you with the best indoor air quality service that will help you eliminate all these allergens and, along with them, their harmful effects away from your house. 

Benefits of having healthy indoor air: 

The benefit of having healthy indoor air – it keeps you fit and fresh. Poor IAQ makes you feel lethargic and impacts your concentration phase, but maintaining a good air quality inside your homes or offices, where you spend the maximum amount of time, has many advantages. 

Along with feeling fresh all the time, another significant benefit that mostly goes unnoticed is that it is easier to breathe. Unless and until we get into trouble relating to breathing issues, we tend to take it for granted, but whatever air we breathe affects our respiratory system, we should be cautious about it. 

Maintaining a healthy IAQ also means getting good sleep because low air quality causes stress levels to rise, which hampers your sleep. It is also common to experience a lower utility if you’ve got your indoor air quality regularly checked and maintained. 

The modern air conditioners are much more efficient than the older ones, and if you haven’t gotten the new one yet, you can trust us with our service and maintenance, and we are happy to provide you with the most efficient solutions to your needs. A good quality HVAC system, along with keeping your space free of allergens and pollutants, also keeps it odour-free. An odour-free environment prevents germs and other microorganisms from surviving in your enclosed space. 

Our work process : 

Here at Free Air Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd, providing the best indoor quality service in Milton, ON, we know what it takes to deliver a sound HVAC system and its services throughout the year. All technicians are trained professionals with years of experience in this field. We are just one call away, and we would be right there at your doorstep. Our technicians can install an entire-house air treatment center to disinfect, clean, and deodorize the air inside your home 24 hours a day—naturally and devoid of chemicals.

The process of inspecting and maintaining indoor air quality involves many steps such as : 

  1. Inspection for any pre-existing allergens: It is crucial to identify if the air present in your home is polluted and, if yes, to what extent. 
  2. Duct cleaning: As per the EPA’s recommendations, you should get your air ducts checked regularly by a professional. Your old ducts might have a significant amount of mold, dirt, dust, and other pollutants on which our professionals will carry out a duct cleaning process. 
  3. Air Purifiers and Filters: Many advanced air cleaning systems exist now. These are designed to remove the smallest harmful particles from the air, like, for example, MicroPower Guard filters. In contrast, modified systems like the OxyQuantum UV sterilization systems help keep the environment free of germs and odor. 
  4. Along with these services, we also install humidifiers and dehumidifiers that help keep the humidity levels in your homes in check and heat, energy recovery ventilators that allow the flow of fresh air in and out of your house without compromising climate control. 

At Free Air Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd, with our indoor air quality services in Milton, ON,  we ensure that your HVAC system always works in the best of conditions, provides you with good quality healthy air for your facility, and maintains a safe environment for you and your family to breathe. Get in touch with us with any of your HVAC needs, and we guarantee you complete satisfaction because that is what we stand for.


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