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If you are looking to install a new ac system for better cooling around your home, consider ductless air conditioning. Ductless air conditioners are a popular choice in Milton. They are energy-efficient and will keep you feeling cool all summer long.

At Free Air Heating & Air conditioning Ltd, we can help you choose which ductless units will best suit your home. We offer quality ductless air conditioning installation for residences and commercial buildings in Milton, ON and the surrounding areas. Making the switch to ductless might be the best choice for you.

What Are Ductless Air Conditioners?

Ductless air conditioning systems do not need any ductwork. A ductless ac unit is a small, attractive device mounted onto the interior walls of your home. This indoor unit is connected to another outdoor unit through thin cables and refrigerant lines that go through a tiny hole in the wall. Our team can place the wall-mounted unit in any room you’d like, whether that’s a bedroom or the living room. Meanwhile, we situate the outdoor unit on ground level outside.

One of the greatest features of a ductless system is that individual ac units can be installed in multiple rooms, which is why they are often called mini split systems. With this addition to your home, you can keep different rooms at different temperatures. Ductless air conditioning is perfect for cooling just the rooms you and your family spend the most time in.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

There are many advantages to having a ductless mini split system installed. Here are just a few reasons why ductless mini split ac systems are superior to other cooling systems:

  • They have easy installations. Since they require no ductwork, installing ductless units is relatively quick and simple. The installation will be much less invasive and more affordable.
  • They are highly energy-efficient. Mini split systems don’t generate heat. They simply transfer cool air into your room, which uses a lot less energy than alternative systems. This will cut your energy costs significantly.
  • You can have ac units in multiple rooms. This means you can turn the ac off in one part of your home while staying cool in the other. The ability to heat or cool only certain rooms of the house will save you even more on monthly bills.
  • They are small and have a sleek appearance. Different from window ac units, ductless units don’t block the sunlight coming in. Wall-mounted units have a much sleeker appearance and never get in your way. They are also a lot quieter than other air conditioning systems.
  • The settings are easily adjustable. Almost all ductless ac units are supported by a remote control, meaning you can comfortably change your AC’s settings at the click of a button.
  • The cool air is cleaner. Because you don’t have to worry about dust or debris buildup in ducts, the air from your mini-split system will be much cleaner and better for your health.

How to Know If Ductless AC Is the Best Choice for You

If you are considering getting a ductless ac unit installed but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for you, we are here to help. Our knowledgeable technicians can discuss your needs with you to help you decide. However, ductless air conditioning is usually always optimal in the following types of homes:

  • Older homes that do not have any ductwork intact (ductless installation means less messy construction work and an easier installation)
  • Smaller homes
  • Apartments or condos
  • Homes with electric baseboard heating
  • Homes with many rooms
  • Homes that use boiler heating and cooling

If you are looking for maximum efficiency, quiet cooling units, greater temperature control, and lower energy costs, then ductless mini split installation could be your best bet.

Cost of Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Installation in Milton, ON

Every customer has different needs when it comes to ductless air conditioning system installation. The cost of mini split installation varies from property to property, and we will discuss certain factors that will determine the price of your ductless unit system at the initial consultation. 

The more rooms you want a unit installed into, the higher your cost. A single zone or single room installation will be cheaper than a multiple zone installation. Another factor of cost is the type of brand unit you choose. We offer a wide range of top-quality brands, including Mitsubishi, Air, Payne, Goodman, Armstrong, KoolKing, Keeprite, Navien, Nest certified pro, Honeywell, Rinnai, White, Lifebreath and Bradford.

Additionally, the amount of space between the indoor and outdoor units can affect the cost of installation. Typically, there is 4.5 metres of refrigerant line between the units. If more space is required, your price will be a bit higher.

Some customers only want air conditioning ductless units installed in rooms that might lack ductwork during the summer. However, some homeowners wish to have a ductless system that will heat or cool their homes all year round. If that’s the case, you need a ductless heat pump installed, which means the unit will provide hot and cold air. A mini split with heating abilities will cost more than one that only cools. However, you’ll stay comfortable throughout every season.

Common Problems that Come with Ductless AC Systems

Although ductless air conditioning systems have many benefits, they can also generate some issues. You might need a ductless unit replacement if you experience any of the following problems:

  • A leaking refrigerant line: Like heat pumps, a ductless unit needs a properly working refrigerant to run. If you notice that your home isn’t cooling too well, the system may be leaking refrigerant, and this will require a repair or a replacement of your ductless mini split.
  • A water leak: If you see water dripping from the back of your indoor unit, your condensate line may be malfunctioning, which can lead to your wall-mounted unit falling.
  • It is just getting old: If your ductless system is over 20 years old, you will probably be spending a lot of money on repairs. A system replacement may be the best option.

Schedule Your In-Home Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

If you are convinced that a ductless air conditioning system is right for you, then don’t wait to get one installed in your home. Free Air Heating & Airconditioning Ltd has a team of professional installers ready to take on any job in the Milton area. We are a licensed and insured company that guarantees satisfaction for all of our customers. Our main goal is to make sure you feel comfortable, safe, and happy in your own home.

We offer emergency services to make sure you’re never alone during any HVAC issue. We serve Milton, ON as well as other cities within the Peel and Halton regions. We have over ten years of experience and know-how to handle any challenge.

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