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Welcome to the Rebates page of Free Air Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.! We update this page regularly as we gain access to the latest rebates available for your use! 

As a homeowner in Milton, ON and surrounding areas, you may be eligible for a rebate on your new HVAC system through Canada’s Greener Homes Rebate program. This program, run by a partnership between Enbridge Gas and the Government of Canada, offers financial incentives to homeowners who upgrade to more energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

If you’re considering a new HVAC system for your home, you may be eligible for a rebate of up to $7,100 through Canada’s Greener Homes Rebate program. To qualify, your new system must meet certain energy-efficiency standards and be installed by a participating contractor, like Free Air Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.

Type of homes that qualify:

  • Homes heated with Enbridge Gas
  • Homes not heated with Enbridge Gas
  • Enbridge Gas heated homes, with tenants (landlord owned)
  • Off-grid communities
  • Multi-residential buildings

There are also additional rebates available for other energy-efficient home upgrades, such as insulation and windows. To find out more about Canada’s Greener Homes Grant program and to see if you’re eligible, give us a call. We’ll answer all your questions! 

At Free Air Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd., we are dedicated to helping our customers save energy and money. If you’re interested in upgrading your HVAC system and taking advantage of Canada’s Greener Homes Grant and rebates program, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to find the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for your home.

Give us a call to learn more about the many ways you can save money by working with the team at Free Air Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. 

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